How to Create a Work From Home/E-Learning Structure

You’re tired of the “perfect” Facebook moms showcasing all the Pinterest-level homeschool set-ups, thinking When did everyone suddenly prepare for this eventuality?! Never fear! Motivent is here to help. Motivent is here for the everyday parent; the parent trying to balance work, home, e-learning, on top of restless children and don’t even get us started on managing your own emotions of uncertainty, restlessness and frustration. Here is the quick & dirty. Creating structure and routine will make your days during the stay-at-home order far more manageable. What’s more, Motivent is here to make sure you don’t have to do it alone!

You need structure and routine, so your home has balance rather than chaos.
You’re working from home and attending repeated (redundant) zoom meetings, managing time and work quality without your typical resources; now let’s throw into the mix a school-age child that without your consistent demand refuses to stay on task. Each day fosters a meltdown and your once compartmentalized life with home and school and work in separate spaces is now a nightmare-ish cocktail of stress, uncertainty and anguish. Sound familiar?

With all that said, there is no “one-size-fits-all” structure because every family system is completely unique. You can find various daily routines on Pinterest, like this, and this, and this, and this but it’s possible, and likely, that these routines don’t fit your day exactly.

When creating a schedule for you and your family, you must first take stock of the tasks that need to get done. Keep track of the amount of work your child needs to finish in a day and any extracurricular work they do in the evenings. Next, take stock of the work you need to get done and identify the manner in which it has to get done, for example does your Work-From-Home format look like screen-time from 8am-12pm straight consisting of meetings upon meetings or are you responsible for several tasks which can get done throughout your day. Once you’ve identified the school-load and workload, you can begin to create a schedule.

In order to maintain (or regain) some sense of normalcy during the stay-at-home order, it’s important to incorporate portions of your pre-COVID life into your COVID life. Something so simple as your commute to work, though decidedly tedious, allowed extra time for you to be with your thoughts, perhaps make phone calls, maybe listen to the news or a podcast or some music. Now that our commute is from our bedroom to our couch, we lose out on those precious personal moments we once had. Creating a morning routine to get your brain in gear and incorporating a COVID-commute to begin your workday can assist you in finding the headspace to work from home.

Next, you can set aside time for your children to do schoolwork while you get your work done, if you’re children are independent learners. Though it’s an added challenge, this stay-at-home order can be a good time to teach your kids these time management skills. If it works best for peace of mind, you can structure your workday around your children’s learning habits. Essentially, the options are endless for your WFH routine so long as it fits your work habits, your child’s strengths and abilities and keeps you feeling sane by the end of the day.

Now here’s the best part: Motivent offers online Parent Consultations during which a Motivent consultant can help you create a personalized structure to fit your family’s needs without the headache of doing it on your own; let’s be honest, you don’t need another task to complete alone.

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