Helping Families Connect

Connected Families Program

Motivent partners with local organizations, schools, and families to help our communities thrive through our relationships with devices. We offer a number of workshops and events that help with the many issues parents face in the digital era.

To find out more about Connected Families Program workshops and services, you can reach out to us at or follow us on Facebook.

Individual Parent Video/Phone Consultations

These confidential sessions are held one-on-one with Motivent consultants with expertise in behavioral health, parenting strategies, technology trends and local resources. Each private session is tailored to the needs and concerns of each parent, and focuses around issues such as managing screentime, online security, emotional wellness, and cyberbullying. Registration and scheduling for these sessions can be found at

Special Topic Workshops

These workshops are tailored to the interests and priorities of school communities in partnership with PTA/PTO leaders and school administrators. Topics include managing stress with “shelter in place”, parenting strategies for eLearning at home, neurodevelopment in the digital age, and encouraging healthy social interactions online. Check our events page to see what events are coming up online or in your area.

Connected Kids Workshops

These four-week group workshops teach kids how to live in the moment, cope healthily with stress, regulate emotions and strengthen relationships. They are taught by trained counselors with expertise in facilitating peer groups. To find out about upcoming workshops, check out our events page or contact

Screenagers Film Events and Panel Discussion

This award winning documentary film and its sequel Next Chapter focuses on screentime management and approaches to address the increasing prevalence anxiety/depression among kids. The documentaries offer advice from experts in education, child development, psychology and neuroscience. Panelists for these screenings include local experts in behavioral health, technology trends and local community resources.